LABOPP met while working at the Space Electronic Discotheque.  They became fast friends as soon as they discovered eerie similarities in the glottal quality to the occlusion of their diphthongs and their taste in music.  They immediately started a band, H.I. Lyle, but finding that there wasn't much of a market for Biguine Inuit Polka, they traded in their instruments for turntables and went into hiding.  For three years they were neither seen nor heard from, although sightings were reported in the French Alps and the village of Assinie in the Ivory Coast.

LABOPP ended up in Brooklyn because they have no sense of direction--their destination was actually Albuquerque.  To pay the bills, they perform odd jobs for a slight man in the Lower East Side known only as the impressive clergyman.  All their free time is otherwise consumed by their idolatry of electronics and loud music.  They also enjoy stargazing, reading old Wireless World magazines, and collecting spores, molds and fungus. 

LA, an expert amateur physicist and self-taught enthusiast of music, is a polyglot and Nikola Tesla's father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate.  Rumored to have been born in an unnamed island in the South Pacific near Waponi Woo, LA grew up in Colombo, Sri Lanka and spent several years in the Greater Antilles.  Early in life, LA pioneered the art of making grandiose statements and is widely credited with coining the phrase: it's hot today.  A bit of an eccentric, LA embarked on a pilgrimage of small spaces after earning a degree in Mathematics from the University of the United States.  LA awakens every morning to Carl Finch's "Building a Highway" and a can of Sunkist.

BOPP, an amateur expert historian and prodigy turntablist, is also a polyglot and hails from royalty.  BOPP is a distant relative of the Livonian Brothers of the Sword who evidently intermarried with the cadet branch of the House of Hohenzollern.  In spite of the royal pedigree, BOPP enjoyed a modest childhood.  Sadly, none of the family treasures survived WWII, nor did details about the identity of the royal matriarch.  All that remains, as part of the family lore, is her nickname: NichteinemenschlicheFrau.  BOPP mastered the art of fire-making at the ripe young age of 4, and habitually rises at daybreak, or at 8:30 for 9 if Michael Caine is on TV.  BOPP's thesis at university focused on the genius of Pierre Bachelet in '79, and he got lost in Maricopa County once but didn't let it ruin his appreciation of the finer things.